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Book #2 - "The Visit of the Magi"

     After writing other stories for the children's ministry at his church and successfully writing the first Christmas story as a poem, Terry wrote the very next lesson as a poem as well and called it "The Visit of the Magi."  It, of course, is the account of the magi of the East who traveled a long distance to find the young Christ-child, worship Him, and present Him with gifts.  The book has the same format and style of "Twas the Night Jesus Was Born" , but is a bit larger in size - 5 1/2x8 1/2.

     A close reading of the biblical text (Matthew 2) will show that the magi visited a house, not the stable, and Jesus was a young child, not an infant!  King Herod's questioning of the exact time of the star's appearance and his subsequent killing of all male children in the area up to 2 years old, agrees with the magi arriving in Bethlehem 1-2 years after the birth!  Terry's story of their visit portrays these details.  Each of his stories stays close to the biblical texts, though some poetic license naturally has been taken to make it a rhyming poem and to make it easy to read and memorable for children.  "The Visit..." is a great retelling of the timeless trek of those eastern magi to find and worship Jesus.  It's a great companion story to Terry's first book.  If you have the first one, you'll want this one, too.  If you don't have either, get the set!   Book #3 is coming soon, too!

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