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"The House of Barney"

The Life Story of Barney Walters (So far!)

In the fall of 2022, family and friends celebrated the 95th birthday of my dad, Byron "Barney" Walters. That led to audio interviews by a nephew, which in turn led to family research and this book.

The interviews took the format of topics rather than trying to simply tell his life story chronologically and cover everything. The book follows that format. (Each of the chapters is pretty well chronological as to the theme of the chapter, though).

In "The House of Barney" you'll read about his ancestry, his early years and family, his own immediate family, his education, his jobs and careers,

his years of fastpitch softball and umpiring (note the umpire pic from the 1960s), his faith and ministry involvement, and more. It has been a life well-lived and we hope you'll enjoy reading about him.

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