Throughout the year we have all kinds of opportunities for worship, discipleship, fellowship, ministries, and missions.  We will keep you posted about all those as they happen, but meanwhile, these happen every week:



9am - Bible Fellowship Classes 
10am - Worship
6pm - Variety of Services (worship, videos, fellowships...

6-7:30 pm - Straight Street - children's ministry

                 (restarts the Sunday after Labor Day)



5:50 pm Fellowship dinner -

        $3 donation suggested

7 pm Bible Studies (all ages)


Movie Night! - "Sabina" - May 15, 6 p.m.

Prayer Cup Fellowship - May 22, 6 p.m.

Each year several of us commit together to pray for each other specifically for a year. We each bring a coffee mug and fill out an info sheet about ourselves. We anonymously exchange the cups to see whom we will be praying for during the next year. At this annual service we pray, share testimonies about praying for that individual last year, and have a light meal together. You should join us for the service even if you do not plan to be involved all year long.

No Evening Services - May 29

Join us in watching a FREE movie from "The Voice of the Martyrs." Sabina lived through the Nazi years. Come watch her story of faith.