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Dear Pastor, 

We are currently searching for our new pastor. We have been in a long-term loving relationship with our current pastor for 21 years and now he is retiring. We view this as a time to build on the solid foundation that has been established and are excited to see who wants to join us on our journey!

We are seeking a new pastor and a brother in Christ! Is that you? We need a strong spiritual leader who will feed us a continual diet of sound Biblical scripture as we work together to grow our church family. We are not big in number but we are huge when it comes to working for JESUS and pulling together to get a job done. 

The right 'brother' will work shoulder-to-shoulder with us as we nurture our children, study with our brothers and sisters in Christ, as well as counsel and uplift those who find themselves in rough waters. Are you our 'brother' that we are looking for? If you are interested in becoming one our family please contact us to learn more! We are already praying for you and praying that you will respond to GOD'S call. 

Interested in applying?

Please submit resume to:

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